The Importance of PFDs

The Importance of PFDs
PFDs or Lifejackets save lives, but only if you and your crew and passengers are wearing them. Each Australian state currently have different rules regarding the use of PFDs. In NSW the rules are simple. All children under the age of 12 years must wear a life jacket when on a small boat, that is 4.8 metres or less. Over this length when the vessel is underway or they are outside of the main cabin area of the boat. If you are in the boat by yourself you must be wearIng a suitable PFD. Crossing coastal sandbars everyone on board must be wearing a 150N type, no excuses on this one. Also in times of bad weather and poor visibility, and anytime you are frightened. If the boat is sinking, on fire etc it is essential everyone get their PFD on. Onboard R U 4 Reel we have the USL Coastal type Lifejackets. If you are a non- swimmer or a poor swimmer we will ask you to wear a Lifejacket while you are on the boat for your own safety.

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